Kiki De Montparnasse at City Center – Inspiring Romantic Imagination


Kiki De Montparnasse at Crystals inside City Center Las Vegas: How delicious is this boutique?? I am a huge fan of lingerie. I have explored the intimate side of the fetish type lifestyle. To me, there is nothing more romantic; nothing that bonds a couple like playing out one another’s fantasies and making them reality.


This store has some of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen. They have onyx and pearl restraints that are jewelry; stunning jewelry. We are not at all talking about chunky uncomfortable handcuffs. No. No. Jewelry that caresses the skin and shimmers in candlelight. Or, as one lady I met while shopping said, you can wear them by day with your business attire and no one is the wiser unless they also own them. So sexy! A secret between you and your lover. My kind of cheeky naughty.

Ladies, this will drive your husband wild. Bring home some lingerie and onyx restraints and watch his eyes fall to the floor. Nothing will spice up your nights, or make him fall head over heels in love with you all over again like the things you find here.


The “Forget Me Knot” belt, the full length button up gloves, masquerade masks, the lace beaded blindfold and gorgeous lingerie will have YOU drooling as much as your partner, if not more (as in my case.)


So put on your shiny Louboutins and click, click, click your way over to City Center and pick up your needs for the greatest night ever. And be ready for this to become part of your daily wardrobe.

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