Kim Cattrall Shown In A Different Light. In Fact, Heavy


Actress Kim Cattrall – most notably known for playing the promiscuous PR gal pal Samantha Jones in “Sex and the City” – will now be playing a role that deviates a tad from the sultry sex pot we’ve associated her with. But if you’re going to be typecast in this town… I guess ‘cougar’ isn’t that bad.

Filmed in 2008 in Detroit, “the 54-year-old actress is the polar opposite of glamorous in the quirky, R-rated independent movie ‘Meet Monica Velour,’ ” according to Detroit Free Press. Cattrall had to gain 20 pounds for the role. People have been asking how she did it. Is it just me, or does Sarah Jessica Parker’s nose sniff into your mind? But that isn’t the hardest part of the role. The film chronicles her character which is “an aging ex-porn star living in a trailer park and fighting for custody of her daughter.” Well, that’s thoroughly less than sexy.

In mentally preparing for the role, Cattrall said, “I kept thinking about someone like Judi Dench in ‘Notes on a Scandal,’ where she’s photographed nude in her 70s and I thought, geez, that takes such courage. That really inspired me to say I’m not going to look at the dailies. This has to be truthful. It has to be real.” (Definition- Dailies: in filmmaking, they are the raw, unedited footage shot during the making of a motion picture. And here’s a shock… It’s so called dailies because this process is done at the end of each – yup you guessed it – day!)

Rather than fighting the never ending age battle stars normally deal with – women in particular – Cattrall has taken a healthy approach and instead of being upset that she was up for the role of an older heavier woman, she accepted it with a grin while taking solace in the fact that she could eat whatever the hell she wanted for a while. “These kinds of roles for women my age just don’t come around very often,” she says. “I was surprised that it hadn’t been taken already, that someone hadn’t campaigned for it.”

Indubitably, the best memory Cattrall said she took away from the project was having the opportunity to meet President Obama when he was campaigning for office in Detroit back then. So not to make him think she was another Oval Office trick, she classed it up and said she was “making a film about a young boy and an older woman.” Obama replied, “Well, that’s nice. Who’s playing the older woman?” Cattrall said, “I thought, ‘You’ve got my vote.’ ”

Cattrall is scheduled to be in Detroit tomorrow for a benefit screening of the film.

(Image from Free Press)

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