Kim Kardashian Shoots Music Video


While the above title could lend to previously accustomed speculated notion that Armenian goddess Kim Kardashian is returning to her sultry video vixen ways, let me initially preface by saying that is not the case whatsoever. The reality TV mega-star has set her heights in conquering a new medium, as she is attempting the all too difficult transition to music artist. That’s right, Kim Kardashian is prepping for her debut music video, where yes, she will indeed be singing.

Straight from the horse’s mouth (feels so wrong using that reference in regards to such a beautiful creature), the bustling beauty let the whole world know via everyone’s favorite celebrity/civilian connect, Twitter, of her intentions for a musical crossover in 2011. “2011 is all about trying new things and going for it, said the courageous Kardashian. “I’m starting mine w something fun and crazy! Sneak peaks coming soon!”

And when she disclosed of the sneak peaks to soon follow, she did not lie, as just minutes later she posted two video stills from her initial video shoot. The shots don’t really lend any inside info as to the concept or direction of the audio visual project, but who cares. Seeing Kim Kardashian spotlighted for three and a half minutes here and there is A okay with me, no matter what else accompanies her.

While I shamefully predict this transition to be an utter and painful disaster, music videos can’t hurt, right? Just put that puppy on mute and enjoy the aesthetics. See below for the two shots Kim let loose via Twitter.

Quote and images via Twitter

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