Kim Kardashian Working on an Album?


It seems that completely dominating the ever popular realm of reality television isn’t enough for Armenian Princess, Kim Kardashian these days. Reportedly (via TMZ), the young entrepreneur is working on an album with singer/songwriter/producer, The-Dream. No no, not to be featured on the cover alone, which is quite possibly more fitting for the bustling beauty, but she is rumored to actually be laying down vocals for her own, debut project.

Top notch TV star, has her own clothing line, cosmetics and perfumes, weight/exercise program – the list goes on and one. Wait, did I forget to mention that she was also featured in this widely watched indie film? (Yeah, only some of you know what I’m referring to.) But why not attempt the all too common crossover into the music industry? Many actors/actresses have tried and probably even more have failed, but maybe the young starlet has been hiding a few tricks up her sleeve (or pants, wink wink).

Whatever the case may be, as far as her level of talent, we can however, rest assured in the fact that she is no doubt in good hands. The-Dream has worked with numerous recording artists, including solidifying his own career, namely aiding in the musical process with a couple of ladies you might have heard of, Rihanna and Beyonce. And who are we to compare? She may just blow those two out of the water (hmmmmm).

Nonetheless, any time an individual attempts to break the mold and branch out to a new, foreign field, it is extremely difficult to shed their fan and critically appointed shadow. One thing is for certain though, if Miss Kardashian releases any music videos at all, the support will undoubtedly be overwhelming.

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