Kinect for Xbox: The Future of Gaming is Here


If Nintendo’s Wii hasn’t been innovative enough or has just plain lost it’s luster, all you gamers out there should appreciate what Microsoft is doing these days with its latest motion controlled gaming console that is undoubtedly poised to revolutionize the gaming industry. After all, hands free is the way to be. No remote, no controllers, no nothing – simply all motion censored.

After being on the market for roughly ten days, Kinect has garnered over 1 million worldwide sales, all in a hard week and a half’s work, huh? And to make those numbers even more impressive, the recently introduced technology hasn’t even reached the gaming crazed, Asian countries yet. Imagine the damage it will do over there.

Microsoft representatives have already come out and said that they are poised and predicting to move over 5 million unites by the year’s end, which let’s face it, is highly probably seeing as it is holiday season. Of course now we should see an onslaught of like competitor’s, but from what I’ve seen and heard, Kinect is obviously on to something.

The Kinect system itself retails for a mere $149.99 USD, while you can snag a package deal with an Xbox 360 console (4GB or 250GB) for $299.99 and $399.99 USD, respectively. Might as well get on those waiting lists now, parents. Every kid on the planet is jotting the Kinect gaming system at the top of their Christmas Wish List.

So have any of you walked by a neighbor’s window to catch them flailing their arms effortlessly throughout the air in a bit of a spastic motion? Eh, if you have, don’t worry. They’re probably just “gaming.”

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