King Carter: Jay-Z Tops Forbes’ Hip-Hop List


Right on cue, during the week that Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter released his much-anticipated collaborative album with Kanye West, Watch The Throne, Forbes’ illustrious Hip-Hop Cash Kings list for 2011 was reveled. And looky looky who’s back on top. King Hov makes a triumphant return to lead all earners, as he has reportedly raked in $37 million over the past year.

The multifaceted mogul has continually expanded his empire over his long-time reign, with some of his newer ventures being his involvement with the New Jersey, now Brooklyn Nets, a film company embarkation with Will Smith and crew, and the resurrection of his long-time brand Rocawear. All this, amongst a plethora of other things —oh and yes, he still does rap— makes Jay a very, very rich man. And did we forget to mention that his wife brings home a nice serving of bacon as well? But we’ll get to that at another time.

The remaining names on the recently released Forbes list feature many familiar listings, although some may have simply been shuffled around. Diddy continues to be successful at God knows what as he accumulated roughly $35 million in 2011. He is then followed by Jay’s partner in crime, Kanye West, then Lil Wayne, and he is backed by his Young Money Cash Money family member Birdman. These successful crews just keep on winning, don’t they?

A few of the names towards the latter end of the lineup may come as somewhat of a surprise, but see below to check out the listing in full.

1. Jay-Z: $37 million

2. Diddy: $35 million

3. Kanye West: $16 million

4. Lil Wayne (tie): $15 million

4. Birdman (tie): $15 million

6. Eminem (tie): $14 million

6. Dr. Dre (tie): $14 million

6. Snoop Dogg (tie): $14 million

9. Akon: $13 million

10. Ludacris: $12 million

11. Wiz Khalifa (tie): $11 million

11. Drake (tie): $11 million

13. Pharrell Williams: $10 million

14. Timbaland: $7 million

15. Swizz Beatz (tie): $6.5 million

15. Nicki Minaj (tie): $6.5 million

17. Rick Ross (tie): $6 million

17. 50 Cent (tie): $6 million

17. Pitbull (tie): $6 million

20. T-Pain (tie): $5 million

20. B.o.B (tie): $5 million

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