Kirstie Alley Cleaning Up On DWTS: Big Fat Money!


The hit show, “Dancing With The Stars,” has been an exorbitant success for ABC and for the celebrities that take part in the ‘dance.’ In fact, as long as the celebs continue to dance and not get voted off, they all make the same weekly salary – with the highest paid being the winner of course.

However, “Cheers” to Kirstie Alley who is reportedly taking home the most bacon. (No that’s not a fat joke… or maybe it is?) Alley has cleverly cashed in on the multi-million dollar weight loss franchise this overweight nation is obsessed with. But how?

Alley, who claims to have lost over 70lbs while dancing, used her Twitter account – which boasts over 800,000 followers – to announce her Organic Liaison Weight Loss System she recently launched and brought right over to QVC.

According to PopEater, Kirstie tweeted the following before arriving at QVC: “I will be on QVC this Saturday morning around 10:30 … presenting my Organic Liaison products … I’ve lost 70 lbs on them!! Woo hoo.” Then moments before going on air, she followed up with tweeting, “Go on QVC in approx FIVE minutes … woo hoo … Get lean with me!!!….. Together we can do this and stay lean forever!!” What’s with all the woo hoo’s?

Industry observers (A.K.A. professional paid stalkers) say Alley has taken the heightened attention “DWTS” has brought her to a new level when compared to other celebrity contestants. A QVC insider told PopEater’s Rob Shuter of the “Naughty but Nice” column, “She’s creating a brand of product that can be sold around the world 24/7. It’s like what Joan Rivers did with her jewelry collection.”

Need more proof? That Organic Liaison stuff which didn’t do to well under it’s original name in focus groups, anti-fat juice, sold out on QVC in just 15 minutes! Wow…. it really is true that heavy women will buy just about anything that only requires the amount of cardio it takes to dial a phone.

{to be sung in ‘Copacabana’ style}
“Her name was Kirstie, she was a showgirl
With Liaison feathers in her hair and a dress wrapped ’round her rear
She would merengue and do the cha-cha…”

(Image from AP)

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