Kreayshawn and Naked Cowboy Perform “Gucci Gucci” on NYC Street [VIDEO]


Collaborations are an all too common thing within the music industry. But the ones that garner the most attention (whether good or bad) are cross-genre hook-ups. And let’s just say, what we have here, undoubtedly qualifies as such.

White girl rapper, Kreayshawn (Google if you must), has continued to grow in popularity barring her smash hit “Gucci Gucci.” The petite Caucasian female has obviously had no problems standing out due to her aesthetic characteristics and has thus managed to catapult a nice career, thus far. And can’t forget about her recent feuding with fellow-rapper Rick Ross. Don’t eat the poor girl, Ricky.

Now back to the collab at hand. While recently up in New York City, the lady emcee spotted the infamous Naked Cowboy and decided to hit him up for in impromptu performance of her go-to single. Without even skipping a beat, the nude ranger strummed a nice little melody while Kreayshawn spit a few bars from the record.

While we don’t necessarily expect this to land on the radio any time soon (thank God), it was still a fairly amusing sight. But you don’t have to just take my word for it. Check it out below:

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