Las Vegas Nightlife Industry Smothered in Gender Discrimination


Do you think it’s a fair statement to say that the Las Vegas Nightlife Industry has based some of its regular practices around gender discrimination? Is it considered discrimination against men when they are treated differently than women when trying to get into nightclubs or is it strictly business?

Gender Discrimination in Las Vegas

From a business standpoint, any nightclub would be foolish not to let a large percentage of women into their establishment for free, since it’s the woman that the guys are going for. Chances are, if a guy walks into any nightclub and it’s filled with more guys – he’s probably going to leave and never come back. Understandable. So the nightclubs put the girls on the guest lists, let the girls past the line and let the girls in for free! Unfortunately for me, it’s the guys that have to wait in line, pay more than the girls pay to get in, and are usually the ones who end up buying the drinks and keeping the business afloat.

Am I overreacting or should different rules and regulations not be applied to different groups because of their gender? Would it be fair to charge a gay guy more than a straight guy due to his sexual orientation? Would we allow these establishments to only put one class of race on a guest list and no one else? I know, I know – I’m being a bit extreme, but you have to admit that if you look at the bigger picture, I kind of make sense!

I have a dream. I have a dream that one day these nightclubs will have guest lists that actually exist for invited guests. I dream of a time where you and your female friend both pay the same price to get into the same club. Unfortunately for us guys, that day may not come too soon.

I’d be very interested to hear your opinion on this matter, so please leave comments and send emails and we’ll be sure to post your responses. I should mention that I am not personally bothered by the way business is conducted here in the Las Vegas and the aforementioned was simply to bring a matter to your attention. With that said, tell me – do you think the Las Vegas Nightlife Industry has based its practices around gender discrimination?


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