To Do and What Not To Do During The Las Vegas Pool Season


There are many things that you probably should, and probably shouldn’t do while spending time poolside here in Las Vegas. Here’s a little guide that I put together to help you on your way:


Do wear sunscreen – at least 30spf or your flesh WILL turn purple and fall off… true story. The angled spray are the best for full body coverage, unless you happen to know a cabana boy/girl or a reliable friend willing to apply.;)

Don’t take yourself too seriously – This is definitely a time to bust out the ugly dancing, while it’s definitely not the time to wear your stilettos. I don’t care if it’s Vegas or not! Unless you want to bust your butt on the hard wet cement in front of a huge crowd, I wouldn’t attempt it.

Do hydrate – H2O is your friend! 120 degrees plus alcohol usually equals sickness! Make sure to integrate water into your beverage list and not before it’s too late..

Don’t forget, what happens in Vegas doesn’t really stay here – just because you’re wearing your sunglasses doesn’t mean that people can’t see you! Especially because, you guessed it, it’s daylight!

Do get on Kanye’s workout plan! – Lycra, spandex, that too small bikini..just don’t.

Don’t forget to have fun!

Interested in more survival tips for the Las Vegas Pool Season? Tune in to Vegas Scene Live tonight at 8pm as I join the MyVegasScene crew to discuss survival tactics for the 2010 season!

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