Las Vegas Takes The Silver In Men’s Health’s Smuttiest Cities in the United States Study


I demand a recount!
With all the street walkers, foreign (and domestic) workers and solicitors handing out business cards for girls to be sent directly to your doorstep, the strip clubs and districts, phone sex operations and this list goes on, Las Vegas still isn’t the king of smut?
In a survey conducted by Men’s Health Magazine, Las Vegas is ranked as the No. 2 smuttiest city in the United States just behind Orlando, FL. The list measures cities on the amount of pornography streamed online, viewed in hotel rooms, theaters, and adult outlets and also the amount of porn rented at video stores.
Men’s Health also factored in porn searches online, the percentage of homes that subscribe to Cinemax (notoriously known for their soft-core porn movies late night) and adult entertainment stores available per city capita.
This is Men’s Health’s top 10 smuttiest cities:
1. Orlando, Florida
2. Las Vegas, Nevada
3. Wilmington, Delaware
4. Raleigh, North Carolina
5. Charlotte, North Carolina
6. Minneapolis, Minnesota
7. Atlanta, Georgia
8. Tampa, Florida
9. Anchorage, Alaska
10. Austin, Texas

Other cities deserving of an honorable mention are our upstate neighbors in Reno, Nevada, which was ranked No. 37, and the porn capital of America, Los Angeles, California which came in at No. 69.
With the city of Las Vegas becoming more of a metropolis in totality, along with a more family-friendly atmosphere constructed on The Strip (Las Vegas Blvd.), it’s not surprising that “Sin City” wouldn’t snag the top spot. As the city grows and becomes more diverse, expect for Vegas to possibly fall a few notches as this, and similar surveys are conducted in the future.
But still…I demand a recount!

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