Las Vegas: The City That Never Sleeps


They say New York is the city that never sleeps. I stand to challenge this and submit that Las Vegas is the true city without slumber. When I first arrived in Las Vegas, I spent over an hour interrogating my friend and roommate about the social alignment of this city. Where can I go for an oil change? What about a bed? Where’s the best place to play poker? Where’s the worst? Shameful to admit, one of my first questions was, “where is the closest bar?” Strapped and set to burn down Vegas with a calm hand, I wanted to know about the night life in the city of lights. So we talked.


Somewhere between ROK and a bar just down the road from us (O’Aces), I asked the crucial question. “When do the bars close around here?” In one word, with a smirk on his face, he answered, “Never”. Las Vegas is a twenty four hour town; a city without clocks or closing times. I could sleep all day and party all night if I was so inclined. Then he told me about the open container policy. Not only can I get a drink at any hour of the day, but I can drink it in the middle of the street if the mood struck me (which this writer in no way advocates). In Rochester, the bars close at 2 a.m. and everyone is asleep by 4. Even the all mighty NYC has last call at 4 a.m. I joined my partner in crime with a wide smile and an overenthusiastic high five. Vegas, baby.

In my first weekend, an old school friend took me out to explore The Strip. This was the beginning of my love affair with the downtown area. We walked from The Venetian to Mandalay Bay and hit everything in-between. The sound of ringing bells and the smell of money carried like a fog into the street. I cheerfully exercised my right to drink beer everywhere along our strenuous journey. By the time we got back to our cars, it was almost 5 a.m. As relentless as ants after a picnic, the sidewalks were still filled with stray citizens. I realized then that Vegas really didn’t sleep. We all just move around her in contemporary fashion. Place a bet here, get a drink there, maybe take a cat nap somewhere in the middle. How could New York keep up? How could anywhere keep up?

I suppose nicknaming cities isn’t up to me, though. However, if it were, then Las Vegas would be, “The City that Bleeds in Bright Lights.” That’s what she is to me.

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