The Las Vegas Tipping Guide


Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. With that said, while visiting or living in Las Vegas, expect to pay out a percentage of your monthly income by dishing out gratuities to all of those who provide services to you. Whether it’s the person at the door that takes you into a nightclub, a valet attendant or doorman, a server in a restaurant, bartender or even a security guard, simply put – if you don’t take care of people in Vegas, they won’t take care of you!

Tipping in Las Vegas

Twenty Percent (20%) is usually the magic number here in Vegas. I have compiled a small, yet very important list of those you should always remember when spending a night out on the town. If you do the math, it certainly ads up. But hey – it’s the price to pay when living in a city like Las Vegas.

The Host: Remember the host that set up your bottle reservation? They’re going to make sure you have a decent table and meet you at the door to walk you in to the nightclub. You want to throw them at least $60+ (on the low end) for taking care of you and dealing with your text messages all day!

The Table Server: Your cocktail waitress at your table, if you have one, certainly deserves 20% of the entire bill that she’ll leave you at the end of the night. In most case, gratuity is automatically placed on the bill, so look out for that.

Table Busser: If you do go with the bottle service, you’ll have a Busser assigned to your table. This Busser will ensure you always have fresh ice and clean cups and napkins ready for you and your guests. In most cases, the Table Server will tip the Busser out at the end of the night, but it’s always a nice gesture to let them know that you appreciate their service, especially if they did something extra special for you or your party. I hate to say it, but in most cases it’s the busser that does most of the work to ensure your experience is a smooth one!

The Bartender: Please don’t be that guy leaving $1 for your drink. I know drinks are expensive but $2 per drink should be the BARE minimum. If you want to run a little experiment, leave the bartenders $3+ dollars per drink you order. I bet you they’ll come back to you before the person that’s leaving them a buck!

The Doorman: If you need to grease the bouncer to get you and your group in, $10 – $20 per head might be sufficient.

Valet: Please know that the person who takes your car upon your arrival probably WON’T be the same person that brings your car back. As a matter of fact, it may not even be the same shift! You should always tip when you’re coming and going and using valet services.

Everyone Else: The housekeepers that clean your room, the concierge that makes arrangements for you, the bellman who handle your luggage, your cab drivers or even the doorman at the hotel who assists you out of the cab – they’re all working for tips. Don’t go for broke trying to please everyone, it’s just something to be aware of when you’re visiting Las Vegas.

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