LeBron Haters Were out in Full Force


King James went back home to Cleveland to take on the Cavaliers for the first time since his departure.  It’s only been  five months since James left the Cleveland team and only five months since his worshiping fans turned into his lynch mob.  These fans are brutal and out to destroy James and they were not showing any mercy for this highly anticipated match up.

As LeBron entered the arena he was met with vulgar chants that can not even be printed.  Fans yelled and taunted the ex Cavalier relentlessly the whole game.  One man was even tossed for throwing a battery at James.  But, all in all, things didn’t get too much out of hand in the way of violence.

I personally do not agree with all the hostility against James but I guess in a way I do understand but, to me the Cavalier fans look like big cry babies.  Almost every sign through out the crowd was geared towards the cities “Hate” for LeBron James, did they totally forget to show love for the other 15 guys who are actually still a part of the team?   It’s too bad that they totally suck and will continue to suck and we all know about the “Cleveland Curse”, but c’mon, show your team some support when they need it the most.  But, I must say they did do one thing right by cheering ex center Zydrunas Ilgauskas who signed with the Heat in July 2010 after spending 14 seasons with the Cavaliers.

I can only guess that Cleveland fans will never forgive James for his so called, “betrayal” but, I do hope they at least move on.  Although it was a devastating loss to the Heat at 118-90, you’d kinda think they’d be used to this feeling by now.

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