Legendary Party Boy, Charlie Sheen, has Rough Night at NYC Hotel


As you’ve probably heard by now, CBS star, Charlie Sheen, ordered more than extra pillows at New York’s Plaza Hotel yesterday. Around 1am, nearby guests called and complained to the front desk that it sounded as if furniture accompanied by the oh so familiar party yelps were coming from Sheen’s suite. Police responded a short while later to find Charlie Sheen and a woman, who’s now been confirmed, a prostitute – both naked of course. Because you know what they say, if you’re going to cause more than $7,000 worth of damage, you best do it with a hooker in your birthday suit. Sheen was taken into custody and hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation.

Sheen’s publicist swooped in from the get go claiming this was nothing more than a “bad reaction” to prescribed medication. Others speculate it was rage fueled by high levels of inebriation mixed with cocaine. Hmm… matter of interpretation, really!

After landing in Los Angeles this morning (with no charges filed) to shoot a movie cameo in the upcoming Hillary Duff movie, She Wants Me!, Sheen texted E! News, “Thank U for your concern. . . XO”.

Meanwhile, when ex-wife, Denise Richards, who was staying in the same hotel but different suite with the couple’s two daughters, was asked to comment, she said “My daughters are very unaware of what happened. We’re really trying to protect them.”

Well Charlie, that’s what happens when you drink and party enough for Two and a Half Men!

{image from Reuters.com}

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