Lemon and Tea by MMAIO [Music Video]


MMAIOLemon and Tea,” produced by Chicago bred Michael “Mic” Smith is a trip hop inspired composition. MMAIO was instantly attracted to the unique rhythmic elements and downtempo vibe. A melody of evocative vocals spilled out of her and before she knew it she had a song about the essence of the simple things in life and easy love.” is a pop artist who calls the Big Apple home. Classically trained, she’s been performing for more than a decade; recent NYC venues include Groove Lounge and the Bitter End. MMAIO finds the “pop” label liberating, as she comfortably shifts from radio-friendly fare to starker, funkier electro. In addition to her own pursuits, she’s been busy writing and referencing for other artists and known labels. Currently, she’s recording new material and compiling a remix EP of her surefire smash “Afterglow.” Amidst the frenzy, MMAIO reflects: “Fame and fortune have never been my incentives for making music. I never viewed being a ‘rockstar’ as the ultimate fulfillment. I see music on a much more organic level. I write and I sing because we, as a people, are all in this together. Music, and more broadly creativity, is the most poignant unifying force in the world. Its power, its ability to turn the mundane into the sublime – that’s why I get up in the morning eager to create.”

New music by MMAIO called “Lemon and Tea.”

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