Lil Wayne Released From Prison Early This Morning


Rapper, Lil Wayne has finally been released into the real world sometime early this morning around 2am. The Young Money frontman served a margin shy of his warranted, one year sentence at Riker’s Island Prison (NY), for gun possession.

With a decent amount of forewarning regarding his incarceration, the multi platinum emcee truly put in work, by stocking up on a slew of musical tracks, as well as accompanied videos, which undoubtedly kept his fans feeling a bit at ease amidst his absence. With the lead dog gone, it also gave his protégé, Drizzy Drake, an opportunity to truly show that he is franchise rapper material. Speaking of which, the onetime Degrassi star was the initial member of Wayne’s camp to disclose of his compadre’s release via Twitter: “Between the hours of 1 – 2am …WEEZY IS COMING HOME,” Drake tweeted just earlier today in regards to well, you get the drift.

Wayne has also kept in touch with his faithful following, not only by presenting them with fresh material, but by penning letters as often as possible, which were then posted on his blog. The notes grew to become quite the anticipated connection and have been featured on multiple of the top hip-hop news sites worldwide. Let’s face it, dude was/is kind of a big deal.

It will of course be interesting to see how quickly the music mogul reclaims his spot atop hip-hop’s competitive top rapper list, as per usual, the scene has shifted a tad with his vacancy. I do suspect, however, that his popularity may even be at an all time high merely due to his lengthy absence and long awaited second coming, if you will (wait, did I just relate him to Jesus?). Speaking of which, the triumphant return just might be as soon as November 6, in Las Vegas, which will be a show being headlined by none other than his fellow Young Money man, Drake. “I would just advise you to book a ticket out there. If you can get tickets to that show on the 6th, I would strongly advise it,” Drake told MTV News.

Either way, pandemonium it shall be, cause let’s face it, if Weezy doesn’t show up after that comment, CD’s will be burned, artists will be disowned, and some might even be lynched. May God have mercy on our souls. Wayne, do the right thing. Appease us all and help enforce world peace.


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