Lil Wayne’s Carter IV Gets an Official Release Date [VIDEO]


Lil Wayne’s Carter album series is critically acclaimed as one of the more impressive set of rap albums to come out over the last several years. With each body of work seeming to solidify Weezy’s status as one of hip-hop’s elite, the time lapsed since his Carter III release has been too far gapped, leaving his fans in a desperate state of want. Fortunately for us, however, as of this past week, the Young Money frontman’s forthcoming album, the Carter IV finally has an official release date, coming from the mouth of Wayne, himself.

When sitting down with Sway of MTV News just the other day, the question was brought to attention of when we could expect the Carter IV to drop. Lil Wayne immediately responded with, “The Carter IV is done, man. It’s Been done.” Evidently it’s been wrapped and the Young Money camp is merely waiting on one of their main producers/engineers to finalize and let it loose.

Luckily again, Tez (Wayne’s go to engineer) was on sight during the MTV News interview, as Wayne questioned him promptly on the albums drop date. “May 16,” shouted Tez, to the eager ear of MTV’s Sway. And there we have it, folks. Straight from the horses mouth (and the trainer, maybe?), Lil Wayne’s highly anticipated Carter III follow-up, the Carter IV, is slated to hit the shelves on May 16. I suggest you write that down and purchase accordingly.

Take a look at the interview footage, between Wayne and Sway of MTV:

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