Lindsay Lohan Turns Tables on Judge – Soon to be Set Free


Within 24 hours of being arrested and booked without bail, Lindsay Lohan has turned the tables on Judge Ellen Fox and will be set free soon.

Lohan expressed fear and displeasure when learning that her most recent incarceration would be held without bail, at Judge Fox’s orders. The startled starlet was booked in her 1500 dollar Louis Vuitton shoes when she learned that she may not be released from Lynwood Jail until mid-October.

Judge Patricia Schnegg has come to Lohan’s rescue by throwing out Judge Fox’s decision.

Lindsay’s bail has come with a price: she will be required to wear a SCRAM bracelet, (lucky #3 for Lindsay) she’s not allowed to be around known drug users, AND cannot set foot in any establishment where ‘alcohol is the main item of sale’. Also under her Lohan’s latest bail agreement, Lindsay must agree to be searched at any request made by law enforcement.

California state law allows people convicted of Misdemeanor charges to post bail. Judge Fox’s decision to hold Lohan without bail was out of the ordinary and has drawn significant attention to the case.

Schnegg recently threw out Fox’s decision and set Lindsay’s bail at $300,000. This will allow Lindsay to leave Lynwood jail in a matter of hours.

Written By: Keg

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