Lohan Busts Out Of Jail On Bail Once Again: 75G’s!


Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay… Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the, well… wait a second. Last week, a Los Angeles County judge found Lohan in violation of her probation issuing a sentence of 120 days in jail, late Friday. But then – according to AFP – “[she] was released after spending less than five hours in jail when she posted $75,000 in bail, court officials said Saturday.” For those of you adding the new data to your Lohan pie charts at home, she has officially been released more often than the gas of a man suffering from irritable bowl syndrome.

The report goes on to detail, “Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner ruled she had violated her probation for a 2007 drug and drunk driving offense when she allegedly stole a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store in the Los Angeles seafront neighborhood of Venice Beach where she lives.”

Lohan and her legal team did score a victory last week when the same presiding judge, Sautner, reduced her necklace felony down to a misdemeanor which carries a less severe sentence of half the jail time. We have her trial due to open on June 3 following the pre-trial hearing set for May 11.

All this commotion and legal woes stemming from the lifestyle choice surrounding hard late night partying mixed with recreational drug use. This little girl was thrown in front of the camera and her later poor decisions were sensationalized by the paparazzi and media. Sure, what the hell… do another bump of coke. Have another drink. Then be literally filmed getting in a car, pulling away, and oh yeah… providing concrete evidence that you just broke numerous laws. I wonder why you ever got caught? Listen, regular citizens in Hollywood do that same exact routine I just mentioned every night of the week. The operative difference is that nobody cares who they are. They aren’t blinded by cameras when they walk out of the club. Celebrities who are either new or old to the craze game sometimes forget that they sold a piece of themselves to the public. Their soul is public domain now. Privacy and relaxation do not exist. We’re talking about a young girl who the industry felt was the next biggest female star of our time. She actually went from the Disney Channel to drugged out in prison.

So, here’s a question that I urge you to comment and reply to. When a celebrity does something wrong or breaks the law, if you deeply brewed about the catalyst that caused that action, are they mere criminals or public victims?

(Image from AFP)

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