Long Live the King! Stern Signs 5-Year Contract with SiriusXM


NEW YORK, N.Y. — Long live the king! Howard Stern fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief; during Thursday radio broadcast the “King of All Media” announced his has signed a contract with SiriusXM Radio for another five years —and after that, he is retiring.

Stern put their minds at ease — but not before stringing them along with more than 35 minutes of artful stalling and red herrings that seemed to have some of his staff on the verge of passing out from nervousness — when he announced that after weeks of negotiations he has re-signed for five more years on satellite.

“We are continuing on,” he finally announced, saying he feels he still has the “eye of the tiger” and that after surveying the current media landscape, he believes there’s more left for him to do in radio. “I’ve signed a deal. … I started to look at all the companies, Sirius included. And Sirius has been very, very anxious for me to re-sign. … And I know deep down in my heart, I kept thinking I’d like to stay here. Because more than anything, I think what we’ve built hasn’t been finished yet.”

The news comes after months of speculation on whether Stern would return to the airwaves after Christmas break. Stern’s contract with SiriusXM was up on December 31 and no agreement had been met until yesterday.

Just two days earlier Stern had unleashed a vicious tirade on Sirius XM’s CFO after he felt that statements made by David Frear about at an investor seminar on Monday made it sound like the radio host would have to take a pay cut if he were to re-sign with the network. “I know what I have done in this company,” Stern raged. “I am not taking a fucking pay cut!”

Stern did not disclose his new salary but said it was “very fair.”

During Thursday radio broadcast Stern said, “I have come to the conclusion that the real innovators, the real geniuses are the people here at Sirius,” adding “I can say with almost certainty that this is my final five years on radio.”

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