Luxury Yacht Has Its Own Island [PICS]


Sure you’ve heard of concept cars, but a concept yacht? Yes sir — they do indeed exist. Just as UK-based Yacht design company Yacht Island Designs. Yeah — they pretty much craft the most elaborate sea dwellers you have ever seen. Case in point, the Tropical Island Paradise (seen below) which features its own island. I repeat — this giganta-boat has an island on board.

Not only that, however, the luxury yacht also obtains a retractable beach deck, VIP suites, cinema, library, games room, gym, sauna, functioning water guiding volcano, and then some. Precisely — what more could you need for your ocean getaway? You barely even need the ocean, actually.

And while the extravagant beast is still only a concept, we are sure to see the world’s top billionaire playboys drool uncontrollably over the luxurious watercraft. So let the bidding begin — would be a cool idea, huh?

Nonetheless, take a look at the images of Tropical Island Paradise below, and let it be a reminder to you of just how much money you don’t have. Again, my apologies. Maybe we should all go in together on a nice pontoon boat. Who’s down?

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