Malaysian Police Arrest Three Men For Stealing 725,000 Condoms


KUALA LAMPUR, Malaysia (AP) ~ Malaysian police have arrested three suspects in connection with the theft of 725,000 condoms, which have yet to be recovered.
Mohamad Shukri Dahlan, Chief of Police in Malaysia’s northern state of Perak, reports that the theft was an inside job; in their investigation they discovered that the men worked for the company in charge of transporting the condoms from the factory to the port, where they were to be further shipped on to Japan.
Sagami Rubber Industries Company, one of Japan’s largest condom retailers, said 85,000 boxes of the ultra-thin, latex rubbers disappeared last month; the merchandise had a value of $1.5 million. The thieves had intended to sell the prophylactics on the black market in Malaysia, but Dahlan said that they probably did not succeed.
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