Man Arrested Impersonating Police Officer Waving Large Fork


 POMPANO BEACH, Florida (WTVJ-TV/UPI) ~ Local police report that a man was impersonating a police officer while pointing a large barbeque fork at motorists.
 Broward County Sheriff’s Office said deputies found 69-year-old Pompano Beach residnt Howard Schultzstanding out in front of a Walgreens and pointing a 10-inch cooking utensil at passing drivers, as also reported by WTVJ-TV. The cops said that Schultz was claiming to be a police officer and trying to convince motorists to pull over, which actually worked on one person.
 The arrest report doesn’t tell what Schultz told the unidentified man, but he did tell cops that he was in fear of his life during the conversation. He’s now facing charges of impersonating a police officer and aggravated battery.
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