Man Arrested in Jail Parking Lot Hours After His Release.


For a lot of people one brush with the criminal justice system is enough, but Donald Gartner has become a regular at the Pasco County Jail in Florida. In fact Gartner has been in and out of the Pasco County jail seven times in the past 3 years. His most recent encounter with the law found him enjoying a double helping of the slammer.

Gartner was arrested for criminal mischief on October 2nd when a neighbor called the authorities to alert them that he was urinating in the bushes. When deputies arrived they found Gartner crawling out of his neighbors bushes. Another witness told the deputies that they had witnessed Gartner shaking a neighbor’s porch light until the glass panels fell out.

Gartner was arrested, booked and released later that night. Allegedly Gartner was seen in the jail parking lot around ten the very same night trying to open the doors of an Acura. When the owner of the car started to scream Gartner claimed that he thought that the car was his. Not to be detoured Gartner tried the same thing with another car. A police officer who witnessed the incident alerted jail authorities and Gartner was promptly rearrested.

Before his newest set of arrests Gartner was booked for assaulting an emergency personnel and resisting an officer with violence. Luckily for us it doesn’t seem like Donald Gartner is going to wise up any time soon. Maybe Gartner knows something more than we do. Someone should check to see if Guinness has been contacted for the highest amount of consecutive arrests in one year.

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