Man Brings Day Old Dead Body to Emergency Room


Alright, it’s no secret that the health care in Mexico is less than medically impressive. In a way, I see our country as the middle ground. To our north, Canada has implemented a Government health care system that works so well, you’re almost happy to get sick. To our credit, America has great doctors yet we need to pay through the nose to see them. Then, to our south, we have a system that comes in handy when you’re looking for an undocumented abortion done quietly in an unsterilized back alley so your Beverly Hills neighbors will never know your daughter got knocked up in gym class at 16.

That stated, the Associated Press carried a story today about a man in the northern New Mexico city of Espanola that brought the body (or should I say corpse) of a woman to the emergency room that doctors say has been dead for a day and a half. What? I don’t think even Dr. House would take this case. “Officers say Jerry Maestas drove to the hospital Tuesday with the 33-year-old woman’s decomposing body propped up in the passenger seat.”

Here’s where the man got rude in my mind. “The 64-year-old Maestas asked hospital staff to come outside and help his sick friend. Police spokesman Jeremy Apodaca says the staff could tell by the smell that the woman had been dead for some time.” How rude dude! How about a little Febreze? Would that “kill” ya?

Naturally, KOB-TV reported that our nasally impaired friend Maestas will face charges of failing to report a death. As for the woman, it’s the freshest cadaver the interns have ever seen.

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