Man Busted After Using Wal*Mart Printer To Counterfeit Money


GAINSVILLE, Florida (The Gainesville Sun/AOL News) ~ For many people, a trip to Wal*Mart can be a big money-saver, but for one local man it was allegedly to make money: using a cheap printer to counterfeit $6000.

Authorities say that 30-year-old Brian Douglas Osborne bought a printer form the Lake City Wal*Mart megastore on March 10th before he was caught later that day, according to The Gainesville Sun. He was caught later that day when he tried to spend some of his fake fortune at Stubbies & Steins restaurant, but an employee spotted the phony bills and refused to accept it, so Osborne paid with real cash.

When police officers were called they confronted the suspect, they reportedly found him carrying false $5, $10 and $20-dollar bills. Cops then searched a car owned by Osborne’s girlfriend, where they claim they recovered more than a dozen homemade $20-dollar bills, along with paper and the newly-purchased printer. When questioned, Osborne reportedly said he learned how to make counterfeit money from a friend; he’s been charged with two counts of using counterfeit money, possession of counterfeit money with the intent to use it, possession of a device to make counterfeit money and resisting arrest.

Photo credit: Alachua County Sheriff’s Department

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