Man Caught Smuggling Hundreds of Tarantulas into US


Lions and tigers and bears – oh my. But in this case, as I’m sure many of you would agree could substitute anyhow, will be tarantulas – oh my, hundreds of them.

Sven Koppler, a 37 year old man from Wachtberg, Germany, was recently caught in his attempts to smuggle between 2-3 hundred deadly spiders (tarantulas) into the US, by means of the US Postal Service. And to think most postmen are terrified of dogs. If they only knew in this instance.

While this one is undoubtedly a head scratcher initially, as to why in the world someone would want to bring that kind of creature, in that large quantity, into the good ‘ol US of A, looking further into the story, we merely have a case of a Deutschland hustler trying to make a buck. Here they sling rocks. I guess overseas they sling deadly animals. Who knew? It is estimated that Koppler has profited a whopping $300,00 by selling his creepy friends to admirers worldwide.

Lucky you inhabitants of the LA area, for that is where Koppler was aiming to send his approximately 240 tarantulas, Fish and wildlife services was able to confiscate the “goods,” and in turn pose as customers in need of critters, to then catch the culprit.

The German native is now subject to serve anywhere from up to 20 years in the slammer, and will be sentenced April 11.

Could you imagine getting home from a long day at the office, to find a package laid upon your door step. “Are you expecting a package, sweety?” Then you rip open the box, only to find 240 living nightmares roaming around just beneath your grasp. Good times, huh? Best believe if the shipment would have made its way on into the US, it would have certainly landed at the wrong address. That’s just how those things go. Oh how funny the world and human life is.

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