Man Causes Several Accidents Using the Flintstone Brake Method [Video]


ROSEVILLE, Mich. –Feet don’t fail me now!” –A Michigan man slammed into several cars Wednesday afternoon while attempting to stop his pickup truck using only his feet.

The unidentified 24-year-old, Detroit man, admitted to police that he knew the brakes were out on his pickup truck, when he attempted to drive home.

Roseville Police Deputy Chief James Berlin said the man rolled about two miles on Groesbeck Highway while sticking his feet outside his truck in attempts to stop it, hitting four vehicles along the way.

The chief called it a case of “moronic decision-making,” reported The Detroit News.

The man we’ll call, “Flintstone,” was unable to stop his truck at a red light and continued through the intersection striking two cars and struck another two at another intersection.

Chief Berlin said the driver was finally stopped when an officer caught up with him and told him to put the truck in park.

“I just can’t believe anybody would think for a second they could make it home using their feet as a brake,” Berlin said.

No one was injured in the accidents, and “Flintstone” was charged with reckless driving and driving on a suspended license.

Berlin said the man passed field sobriety tests and told officers he was attempting to drive home because he was tired and had to work the next day.

Berlin said, “It’s so stupid, it’s comical. But it could have been very tragic.”

Perhaps “Flintstone” will use his feet for more practical applications, like walking. Anyone who thinks they can stop a truck using only their feet does not deserve drive.

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