Man Crashes Truck Into Adult Store Steals $800 Sex Toy


BROWNHELM TOWNSHIP, Ohio ~ (WOIO/ Chronicle-Telegram) ~ Local police are on the lookout for a man who stole a tractor-trailer truck, crashed into an adult book store and stole a high-end sex toy.

The incident took place around 2:00am on August 12th at the AdultMart located on Cooper Foster Park Road. The man first stole the red semi from the J.T. Container Company, located in Elyria, then crashed through the doors of the Lorain County store and made off with a Pipedream Extreme sex toy, which consists of a life-like masturbator contained inside anatomically-correct female genitalia, complete with legs and buttocks.

The perverted criminal made his escape, but only got about ¼-mile away from the scene when police caught up with him. He was still inside the truck but the sex toy was nowhere to be found. When the perpetrator saw the cops, he jumped from the truck and made his escape by running down some nearby railroad tracks. Police think he may have dropped off his ill-gotten booty somewhere along the way.

According to the Chronicle-Telegram, this is not the first time someone has crashed into AdultMart to steal sexxxy merchandise: in 2009 a man crashed a car into the same store and stole a similar, yet less expensive, type of sex toy. Also of note, the female population of Brownhelm Township is listed as zero.

Photo credit: WOIO

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