Man Dies By Flying Plane Into Mother’s House


OBERHALLAU, Switzerland ~ (UK Daily Mail) ~ A local man telephoned his estranged mother shortly before killing himself by flying a rented plane into her house.

On July 16th, earlier in the day, 47-year-old Konrad Schmidt rented a single-engine Diamond Aircraft DA42 plane took off in the afternoon, flew to the area of his mother’s homo and then flew past the house three times before finally crashing into the side at high speed. 68-year-old Rosemary Schmidt survived the explosion and fireball created by the impact, but only because she was in the basement at the time of the suicide attack. Neighbors helped rescue the woman from the heavily-damaged house in the Swiss Village of Oberhallau, about fifty miles north of Zurich. Mrs. Schmidt, who was treated for shock, told police that, shortly before the crash, her son telephoned from the plane’s cockpit and said, “are you home? I am just going to drop by.” Witnesses said there was “no possibility” the crash was an accident, with one saying, “he had all these flypasts. He was lining himself up, and then he did it. It was like seeing a mini rerun of 9/11.”

Konrad Schmidt was a frequent hobby pilot for many years, but in the past 24 months the unemployed electrical engineer had suffered from depression and financial problems. News reports said that Schmidt’s father, Otto, was a senior pilot with the national air carrier SwissAir and was rarely at home during Konrad’s childhood. He was brought up, almost single-handedly, by his mother Rosemary and after his parent’s marriage went sour he became bitter and disillusioned. He blamed his mother for the split, and Otto moved out and died from cancer a short time later. Neighbors added that Konrad had a long-running feud with his mother. “They had a lot of heavy issues over a lot of things, “one neighbor said, “they did not have a good relationship.”

Photo credit: UK Daily Mail/EPA

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