Man Soaks Beehive With Gasoline And Causes Explosion


LYNDEN, Washington ~ (Bellingham Herald/ AP) ~ A local man retaliating for a bee sting torched a beehive with gasoline and rocked his suburban neighborhood.

Lynden Fire Chief Gary Baar reported that on Sunday, August 28th an unidentified man dumped gasoline on a beehive in a tree and set it alight around 8:30pm, in retaliation for a sting one of his friends received earlier in the day.The fire caused a large “wooosh” explosion and singed the tree badly, Barr said, but no one was hurt at the house located on Twin Sister Loop. There were no flames when firefighters arrived about ten minutes later.

“No damage, except for a bunch of dead bees,” Baar told the Bellingham Herald newspaper, “the correct way to do that is to call a beekeeper.” The explosion could be heard throughout the man’s suburban neighborhood and was initially reported by a waitress at the nearby Homestead Golf & Country Club. Firefighters explained the hazards of such drastic actions but it doesn’t appear that the homeowner will be cited.

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