Man Uses 3-Year-Old As Shield Against Taser


Olathe, Kansas – A 3-year-old child was tasered by police when his own father used the kid as a human shield while he was attempting to evade arrest.
Johnson County Sheriff’s Department deputies were serving a protection order for the child at a home in the 800 block of Lindenwood in Olathe. The kid’s father, Jason P. Troxel, grabbed the child and attempted to escape from the home on foot. When officers chased Troxel, he fell to the ground; deputies then tried to use a Taser and accidentally hit the child in the legs. Cops were able to take the child away from Troxel and then tackle him, using the Taser once more on him.
Master Deputy Tom Erickson with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department said, in a comment, “he actually used the child, and pushed our deputy, pushed passed him with the child in front of him.”
The child was taken to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries, and later was released into his mother’s custody. Troxel was arrested and booked into jail on a civil contempt warrant and additional charges of endangering a child, obstruction of justice and fleeing and eluding.
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