Man Who Pled Guilty To Horse Sex Twice Gets Probation [VIDEO]


MYRTLE BEACH, North Carolina ~ (Myrtle Beach Sun-News / WMBF-TV / AP) ~ A South Carolina man who pleaded guilty on two separate counts of having sex with a horse has been released from prison and ordered to stay away from the stables where the accosted animal lives.

Probation officials report that 51-year-old Rodell Vereen was released on March 1st, after serving 16 months of his five-year sentence he received in November of 2009, after he pled guilty to sodomy and trespassing. Vereen was also convicted of having sex with the same horse back in 2007, and was on probation from that crime when he was arrested the second time. He was caught when Barbara Kenley staked out her stable in Longs, located about 20 miles northeast of Myrtle Beach, and caught Vereen as he was sneaking inside; then Kenley held him at gunpoint until the police arrived.

Kenley said she spent several nights in the barn after surveillance tapes showed Vereen having sex with Sugar, her horse. She had been concerned that he might have been back because her horse was acting strange, as well as suffering from recurring infections. Kenley also noticed dirt and hay piled up near the Sugar’s stall, so she set up her own stakeout. She did not return a request for a statement from the Associated Press, but her husband said that she knew Vereen was out of jail and was scared he might come back to their stables.

Before he pleaded guilty, Vereen told Myrtle Beach television station WMBF-TV he was sorry if he hurt Sugar or anyone else. He said he wasn’t taking his medicine for schizophrenia when he went to the stables and promised to keep taking his medicine when he got out of prison. Vereen must also register as a sex offender.

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Photo credit: Horry County Detention Center/AP

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