Man with Bullet Lodged in His Skull for 30-Years Celebrates Life


ABILENE, Texas – A Texas man with a bullet lodged in his brain for the past 30-years marked the anniversary with a celebration.

52-year-old Jim Saunders still bares the scar where his ex-wife pressed a gun against his forehead and pulled the trigger while he slept.

With the 25-caliber bullet lodged three inches deep between Jim’s two optic nerves and the two halves of his brain, ex-wife, Faith Saunders left her husband for dead.

The gun used in the shooting was the same gun Jim gave her as a gift.

Police documents state in the early-morning hours of August 24, 1981, Faith Sanders drove around for about an hour after the shooting, only to arrive home to find her husband alive and telling a co-worker what she had done.

Jim spent two weeks in a coma and had a chunk of his brain removed and replaced, while his ex-wife served four years of a 20-year sentence for the vicious shooting.

The couple met and began dating when Faith was a student at Abilene Christian University and married two-years later. But Jim told the Abilene Reporter that their marriage started falling apart after he caught her cheating on him with other women.

Jim, who now lives happily with his second wife Kathryn, says he has since forgiven his ex-wife, “There is absolutely no bitterness in his heart,’ said Kathryn. He’s a simple person.’

On Wednesday, August 24, Jim, who was left virtually blind and without a sense of smell, threw a party to mark the anniversary of the shooting that should have ended his life.

Jim has since lost contact with Faith, but said, “I hope she’s alive and if not, I hope that before she died, she had the chance to start doing things right.”

Photo Credit: Thomas Metthe/Reprter-News

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