Man With Fish Hook Stuck In Buttocks Fires Shots To Attract Cops


FREDERICK, Maryland ~ (WUSA-TV) ~ A local man who fired gunshots and hid in a closet after getting a fishhook lodged in his buttocks may end up facing criminal charges.

Frederick Police showed up at the apartment of 51-year-old Charles Akin Rempe around 9:30am on the morning of June 20th after they received complaints of loud noises coming from Rempe’s apartment. According to the police report, upon arrival Rempe walked towards an officer “in a suspicious manner with his hand by his side”. He told the officer that he had been hiding in the closet for hours after getting a fishhook embedded in his buttocks. Rempe also claimed he had fired several shots inside the apartment to attract police.

Investigating authorities say they found evidence of several gunshots fired inside the apartment; one bullet had gone through a side window, lodging in the brick wall of an adjacent building. No one was injured by the gunfire and police found a loaded .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol was found at the scene. Rempe offered no explanation of how the hook snagged his ass cheek or why he was hiding in the closet. He was taken to a hospital for an emergency evaluation, and criminal charges could be pending in the case.

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