Manhattan Mansion Breaks Rental Records $$$


“New York is expensive!” Sound familiar? Well, if you live in America, chances are it’s something you’ve either said or heard your whole life. In fact, Manhattan – arguably the best city in the world in nearly all comparable aspects – has always been closely associated with wealth as it boasts some of the hottest and richest real estate the globe over. But, if you really want to break the bank, what’s the most expensive property on the open market today?

Well, that’s just the question New York Post columnist, Jennifer Gould Keil, tackled this week. It turns out the record breaking winner is a wealthy couple who just listed their Gold Coast mansion located on the Upper East Side for $2.5 million annual rent. Yes, rent I said. Not sale. For those of you mentally breaking down the math. Let me expedite the astonishing equation. It comes to $208,333 per month. Now before that compound word floats across your mind: Ripoff. It may be a better deal than you think. The luxury loving couple will be leaving behind all of their priceless antiques. Just think of all the donation dollars you’ll be saving from going to those pesky museums. Alright, you’re right: Ripoff.

So what’s the story with this east side jewel? The couple was lucky enough to score the 17,676-square foot mansion located at 4 East 80th Street back in 1995 for a measly $6 million! Talk about your rise in property value. Keil goes on to write that, “the mansion was commissioned by Frank Woolworth and built by architect C.P.H. Gilbert nearly 100 years ago.” We learned when Richard Steinberg of HGTV’s “Selling New York” showed the unit in a recent episode that the couple who have listed the apartment would like to remain nameless. So, that stated, I’d like to disclose their identity. Years ago, the Observer named the mystery woman, gym chain owner, Lucille Roberts – who was the one that ordered the five year renovation of the 35-foot-wide mansion.

This magnificent east side monstrosity is simply one more item we can throw under the “only in exorbitant NY” category. For those of you who don’t get a kick out of this urbane habitat, please leave your attitude with the doorman. For a couple million a year… I better not have to open any damn doors.

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