Mans Mac Book Takes Photos of Thief and Sends To Owner


It’s no surprise that technology is taking over the world and the way we do things – some aspects for the better, and some for the worse. But in this particular story, its technology that returns a man’s stolen laptop and brings a thief to justice.


Muthanna Aldebashi, an Oakland California cab driver, was arrested after breaking into an apartment and stealing a laptop. How did he get caught? Apparently this particular laptop had theft-tracking software that was purchased by the owner for a mere $15.00 – which took photos of the thief with the built-in camera and sent them to the owner, Joshua Kaufman. Kaufman then posted the images to his Twitter account and in his blog. When the photos went viral, Aldebashi was arrested and brought to justice.

Just another example of how technology is replacing the dog as man’s best friend.


I scoured the net for Joshua Kaufman’s blog and found it! It’s a site called “This Guy Has (had) My MacBook“. On the site, Josh has posted some rather hilarious photos that his anti-theft software had captured:


The software is called “Hidden” – and unfortunately for us PC users, its only for the MAC OS. “If your computer is stolen, Hidden will show you where it is and who has it” reads the software’s website,


This just goes to show the power of not only the Internet and technology, but the force of Social Media. For all of your MAC users, Hidden might have just proved itself as a solid investment. How’s that for positive PR.


Original Blog Post: “This Guy Has My MacBook”

Anti-Theft Software: Hidden

Joshuan Kaufman on Twitter:

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