Marc Anthony to Good Morning America: I Did Not Cheat on J. Lo


A calm and collected Marc Anthony went on GMA to quash any rumors of his infidelity leading to his divorce. Rumors of infidelity have been swirling ever since Marc and J. Lo announced their separation. In-Touch weekly even ran a cover story about Marc and his HawthoRNe costar Jada Pinkett-Smith leading to problems in her marriage to superstar Will Smith.

In the interview Marc is asked outright if infidelity lead to the couples break up. He is quick to deny and form of cheating stating that “nothing sensationalistic happened.” When the interviewer sites one rumor about a flight attendant Marc subtlety jokes “It was the flight attendant, it was the pilot I heard, then there was this guy sitting next to me in a rehab in Huston. I’ve heard it all.” Even going on to say that Celebrity watching and speculation has become a sport of sorts.

According to Marc the real reason the marriage ended was much simpler. It just was not working out. “It was a realization on both our parts you know, it wasn’t shocking, these things happen.” When asked if he wanted the divorce with J. Lo he was failry close lipped simply saying “It was a decision that we made jointly, and that’s how I’ll answer that.” Props to Mars’s PR team for that one.

When asked if he still loves Jennifer he was quick to answer yes stating that he will always love her, she knows that and their kids know that. It seems pretty cut and dry that this is just a case of “irreconcilable difference”. This is America and Marc Anthony is innocent until proven guilty. So for now we can just speculate and guess as to whether this is true or just a great PR stunt to help his image.

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