Miss March Movie Review

To be blunt, Miss March is pure garbage, the smelly disgusting type that reeks of stupid, vulgar, misogynistic, sexist humor.   Eugene (Cregger) a high school nerd, has promised to give up his virginity and have sex with his pretty girlfriend Cindi (Raquel Alessi, Ghost Rider) on the night of their prom.  Seated at Eugene’s bedside in the hospital is Tucker, who decides to wake Eugene up by hitting him in the face with a baseball bat. Talk about rude awakening!  Eugene soon learns his father had abandoned him and moved to Florida.  After conveniently discovering a picture of her as the centerfold in the March issue of Playboy Magazine, the boys take off on a road trip to the Playboy mansion for Hugh Hefner’s annual party that takes place (conveniently) in just 3 days with the hope of Eugene finding Cindi and winning her back.

Meanwhile, Tucker’s girlfriend Candace (Molly Stanton) is on the hunt for him. Why? Because earlier, Tucker inadvertently caused Candace to have an epileptic attack while she was performing oral sex (you get the picture) on him.   Playboy founder, Hugh Heftner, appears as himself in a cameo that has him giving advice to Tucker about true love.  That’s a joke, as if this man, who made his fortune objectifying women, has a clue.

Potty humor and tasteless sight gags involving uncontrolled bowel movements, and a dog urinating in someone’s drink are a few examples of the embarrassingly bad attempts to garner laughter, but instead made me cringe.

Heed my advice.   Cross Miss March off your calendar and avoid this intolerable road trip.

Miss March movie review was provided by Judy Thorburn and was given egg yoke out of five possible chicks. The Flick Chicks

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