Mark Zuckerberg Downs Apple’s iPad


Co-founder of the most entertainingly time consuming invention since the oh so heralded Ms. Pac-Man (yeah, taking it back a bit), Mark Zuckerberg (part creator of Facebook) just yesterday, “criticized” a product manufactured by one of the most powerful companies in the world.

While addressing questions at a Facebook Mobile event, the young gunning entrepreneur encountered a bit of an interesting situation. When asked why his conveniently, life consuming Facebook Mobile application wasn’t found on Apple’s latest takeover product, the iPad, the 26 year old responded with this: “iPad’s not mobile…it’s a computer.” As you could expect, the room was filled with hilarity, but also a notion of awkwardness in the sense that Zuckerberg didn’t even hesitate in his down played answer. I guess not realizing the weight of such a statement.

Now as harmless as one such comment may seem, we’re talking about a knock on a concoction that has trumped laptop sales in the past several months and is paving the way for the next big “it” device. As we have seen already, numerous companies are coming out of the woodwork with their iPad competitive tablet tech. The future is undeniably an 8 or 10 inch touch screen “mobile” computer. Laptops are going the way of the caveman, people. Just Wait.

Now back to the coverage. In cleaning up a bit of Zuckerberg’s thoughtless garbage, his assistant or some such colleague, quickly jumped in, disclosing that the reason they hadn’t implemented their application to the Apple technology was because they are waiting to see what other devices and offers they might entertain. Solid cover up, guys. Still is a bit of a head scratcher to me as why they wouldn’t want to partner up with a powerhouse such as Apple, but hey, maybe Mark’s got another world phenomenon brewing in his head.

Anyhow, in short, really no big deal. But dude, you co-created THE Facebook. You’re in the public eye now. You have got to learn how to handle the media and be slightly political every now and then. When in doubt, brown nose it out.


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