Mass YouTube Star Film In The Works


A half-dozen or so YouTube stars have been gathered by Producer Andrew Fischer, 26, whom proclaims the film will be an ‘epic comedy’. The movie will be titled “The Chronicles of Rick Roll”, in which even though it refers to the internet meme that happen in the early days of YouTube; Fischer says the film is authentic.

A Short trailer has been posted already on YouTube. The film stars Antoine Dodson, known for the Bed Intruder Song, Bear Vasquez (“Double Rainbow Guy”), Brian Collins (“Boom Goes the Dynamite”), Ben Schulz (“Leeroy Jenkins”), Gary Brolsma (“Numa Numa”), and Stephen and Jack Quire (“Greatest Freakout Ever”). Together they account for hundreds of millions of YouTube views.

Fischer says “The next trailer will show that it’s not just some giant elaborate prank” The Movie will be shot on hi-definition digital. He expressed that he wants the film to have a theatrical release, but has not secured distribution. NURV a Colorado-based marketing firm that Fischer is CEO, is producing the film.

“Our goal is to utilize the fan base and the celebrity status that these household names have, even though they’re not in Hollywood, in order to produce something that maybe changes the way Hollywood looks at casting,” says Fischer. He also says he would welcome more internet star cameos for the film.

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