Matt Damon Says Next Bourne Film Might be a While


Think James Bond meet MacGyver mixed with a little bit of Batman and that still does not do justice in the description of the Matt Damon played Jason Bourne character in the now highly popularized Bourne series. The action packed feature film set has received unfathomable success, but since few years have now lapsed from the last flick’s release, “The Bourne Ultimatum” in 2007, fans are now aching for the fourth installment. Sad news being, it could be roughly half a decade or so before the forthcoming work is awarded the light of day.

While being subject to a post Critic’s Choice Awards Show interview this past Friday, Jason Bourne himself (Matt Damon) provided a bit of insight into the news surrounding the next edition to the Bourne legacy.

While prefacing that he is not the sole decision maker in the process of choosing if and when to film, Damon spoke, “I really hope it’s going to happen. It’s really up to Paul Greengrass, the director. I’ve always said I won’t do it without him and I think it would be a bad idea to do it without Paul.”

And with Greengrass being all but locked in to two more films as of the moment, that could push the filming and release back much too far for fans’ delight.

“I think Paul’s probably going to do one or two other films that he’s got kind of cooking but after that [maybe they would start working on a Bourne film],” Damon added. “I think it’s kind of the thing where enough time has passed that I think it won’t matter if we wait five more years to do it.”

The overall tone and jist of the chat however, was that the movie is going to happen, just a matter of when both Damon and Greengrass will be available simultaneously.

Damon concluded, “We just want to make sure if we do it, that we do it right. There’s been a lot of pressure for us to do it obviously but that’s that moment I think where you got to step back and make sure you’re not making a mistake. So when it feels like the right time, I think Paul would be open to doing it.”

So there you have it folks, maybe it’s time to brush up on your reading of the fine action packed series while you wait for your taste for aesthetics to be fulfilled. You know what they say anyway, books are always far more entertaining than the co-joined films.

Quotes Via Hollywood Reporter

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