Matt Goss and the Best Deal in Las Vegas


Bright orange lights hit center stage as Matt Goss opened his show doing his own rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.” I was pleased to see a live band behind him and amazingly sexy dancers that illuminated the stage.

Matt Goss Performs in the Gossy Room Las Vegas
Photo by Denise Truscello

The highlight of my experience was when he performed the song, “The Day We Met” which I had recognized as a favorite from a CD that he had personally given me just a few weeks earlier. In the song he says, “It feels so good to forget the day we met.” The powerful lyrics are reminiscent of something we can all relate to – the relief of getting over something or someone we once loved. To add an interesting twist, the serious tone of the song smoothly transitioned into a reggae melody; the audience quickly rose to their feet.

From “The Day We Met” to “Hotel California,” Goss switch backed and forth from some of his originals to songs we all grew up on. If that we’re enough, at times he would hop off stage to play the piano or rock out on the guitar. It’s so much fun to be in an audience where nearly everyone is bobbing their head, tapping their feet to the beat, or dancing in their seat. A few couples before me stood in the crowd and danced the night away while others held their lighters in the air. The intimate setting of the Gossy Room made it that much more fun when Matt Goss came out in the audience to kiss, dance with or shake the hands of his fans.

Matt Goss Performs in the Gossy Room Las Vegas
Photo by Denise Truscello

Matt Goss, from London, was recently deemed “The Best New Act in Vegas,” by the LA Times. To give you a little background, he’s celebrated decades of success over-seas selling over 17 million records worldwide throughout his lifetime. Just recently in March of this year, it was announced that Robin Antin, creator of the Pussy Cat Dolls, would be taking over as Goss’ manager. Since then, we saw the introduction of the Gossy Room and a weekly show at the Palms Casino Resort, which I was fortunate enough to experience last night.

Matt Goss Performs in the Gossy Room Las Vegas
Photo by Denise Truscello

I am so pleased to share my experiences with you in what I now think is one of the best deals in Las Vegas! For just $25 you can head over to the Palms Casino Resort and check out Goss’ new show which includes sexy women, awesome dancing and most importantly, an amazing performance by an international superstar. The multitalented Goss will make your hair stand up with his vocals, before jamming out on the piano or rocking a guitar. I promise you the dynamic duo of Robin Antin and Matt Goss will take over Las Vegas in a very short period of time, before topping the charts nationwide – so you better see him now while you can! Tell your parents, tell a friend, tell anybody you know – Matt Goss truly is, the best new musical act to hit Sin City.

Matt Goss is at the Palms Casino Resort inside the Gossy Room every Friday and Saturday night at 10pm. Tickets are $25 and can be purchase by visiting or calling the Palms Box Office at 702-944-3200.

Matt Goss’ official music video for his single, “Evil.”

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  1. My sister and i travelled from Ireland to see Matt on the 6th an 7th of November! It was amazing he has an amazing voice an to just top things off he is one of the nicest people i have ever met an absolute sweetheart! The band, the dancers and backing singers are all beautiful people aswell not to mention Robin who is fantastic. No matter where your from or what you do you will always find the warmest of welcomes at the Gossy Room. Worth every cent of the trip!!!

  2. Great show!! I didnt know Robin Antin was managing Matt….what a great look. Robin is actually looking for new talent also on she is EVERYWHERE!

  3. I was Lucky enough to see the show in October twice and Matt even invited me on stage to sing with him, this is a great review and really captures the show and the fantastic eveinng all those have who attend the Gossy Room.

    Matt is a charming guy with the voice of an angel. I hope he really Cracks the US and i wish him all the best.

    If your in Vegas – you must must must spend a night with Matt Goss in the Gossy Room. you will not regret it.

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