Mayor Won’t Step Down After Three Day Drinking Binge


SEBOYGAN, Wisconsin ~ (The Seyboygan Press/ WHBL/Reuters) ~ Even after confessing to a three-day drinking binge, the mayor of a small Wisconsin town refuses to step down.

Seboygan mayor Bob Ryan apologized for a wild weekend of partying at Elkhart Lake and even passing out at the bar at the Brown Baer tavern. But he defended himself by saying his alcoholism doesn’t affect his job performance and he saw no reason to resign, even after a meeting on July 27th of the Seboygan Common Council voted to ask Ryan to resign after officials said he minimized his conduct in meetings with aldermen. Submitted pictures published by The Seboygan Press (header photo) showed Ryan passed out and slumped over, face-down on the bar on a night of drinking.

“Did I pass out on a bar? Yes I did. I’ll admit that. Was I in a scuffle? Yes. Did I start it? No, I did not,” Ryan told a local radio station WHBL. He said he’s not proud of his actions, and insisted, “”I’ve been successful in spite of it, and I will continue to be successful.” Although he’s a self-confessed alcoholic, he says he’s still a good mayor, adding, “Alcohol has affected my personal life greatly, and I have never walked into a city meeting or council meeting under the influence of alcohol.” Ryan said he would continue to seek treatment, but this isn’t his first scandal; a YouTube video showed Ryan making sexual comments about a relative in a phone call and ha also faces sexual harassment charges from female employees he’s fired.

Photo credit: The Seboygan Press

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