MC Hammer Finally Releases Jay-Z Diss Video


I guess at some point, you just have to stop dancing around an issue and meet it head on (extreme pun intended here). And this is exactly what 80’s and 90’s artist/entertainer, MC Hammer finally did or should I say attempted to do in regards to a prior, lyrical altercation conducted by hit rapper, Jay-Z

Several weeks back, the world renowned emcee (Jay-Z) was featured on a track entitled “So Appalled,” in which the multi Grammy Award winner took a slight shot at the once better known dancer. To get right into it, the bar went a little something like this: “I lost thirty mill so I spent another 30 cuz unlike Hammer 30 mill can’t hurt me.”

Upon the single’s release, many skeptics were curious as to why the king of hip-hop would even waste his time focusing a line at the poor, defenseless “rapper.” And then on the other hand, you had the more understanding fans of music who expressed that the mere fact as to the nature of Jay’s mentioning was indeed common knowledge and just didn’t delve much deeper than that, was basically no harm, no foul.

I think, however, that it’s safe to say “King Hammer” felt differently. A bit shocked, a tad outraged, and probably, maybe even feeling low blowed, he vowed Jigga’s day of reckoning was soon to come. The humorous part though, is to the hands of whom? That’s what we all thought at least. But then surprisingly Hammer promised that he himself would shoot back at the millionaire CEO.

And boy, shoot back he did (sense my sarcasm?). Releasing, just yesterday, his most courageous attempt at crippling Hov’s pride and reputation, Hammer unveiled a set of visuals, accompanied by his most prized lyrical presentation (“Better Run Run”). Taking stabs at Jay in regards to selling his soul to the devil for money and a female, owning a whack clothing line, and a few other nonsensical topics, it’s probably safe to say, we won’t be seeing MC for a while, after this one.

All in all, I picture Jay-Z chilling back in his multimillion dollar palace, shuffling back and forth in the kitchen, chanting “can’t touch this.”

*See the video below*

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