Mechanic Rescues Hawk Trapped In Car Grille


GRAPEVINE, Texas ~ (WFAA-TV) ~ A Texas mechanic rescued a red-tailed hawk which was stuck in the grille of a car after a road impact.

Mark Whitehead, who works at Park Place Lexus, has seen many types of critters get struck by cars and jammed in the grille. “I’ve seen small birds, rodents, squirrels, reptiles, anything but fish,” Whitehead said. But on Saturday, October 14th a customer pulled in with a new one for the mechanic; a red-tailed hawk was stuck in the grillework of his vehicle. The man said he was driving at more than 60 miles per hour when he struck the bird.

As with any vehicle damaged by a collision, a crowd soon gathered. Fellow workers started to take pictures as Whitehead began breaking apart the grille, where he found a surprise.”I looked in there and [the hawk] had his head turned kind of sideways,” Whitehead said, “I could see his eye and he blinked.” The hawk was still alive, and would soon be free from the vehicle. “Nothing was broke,” he said, “he wasn’t even missing a feather that I’m aware. I never even saw any feathers.” Whitehead also added, “every bird we have ever seen hit by a car has died.”

The hawk could flap its wings but could not return to flight, so Whitehead drove it to local veterinarian Greg Moore, who would praise the mechanics, saying,”they did a goood job- handled the bird well.” Moore said the bird was likely hunting a mouse or rat along the roadside when the impact occurred and was optimistic the majestic bird will recover from a concussion and minor internal injuries and will soon fly again.

Photo credit: Park Place Lexus

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