Meet the World’s Fattest Contortionist


EDMONTON, Canada —-Able to press the soles of his chubby feet to his rotund rosy cheeks, Canadian Performer Matt Alaeddine at 400 lbs. is the world’s fattest contortionist.

The 30-year-old comic from Edmonton is a multi-talented performer, whose feats include, turning himself into a human dart board, dislocating his shoulder to break free of a straight jacket and quickly dropping his enormous 450 lbs frame into a “sumo split.

‘I’ve always had a fair amount of flexibility that I work on. But I have to work on it and stretch,’ he told the Edmonton Journal.
There are a ‘lot of hot tubs’ he added.

Matt says his world’s fattest contortionist title isn’t a label in any official record-breaking capacity — not that an official label matters, really.

Alaeddine, a performer with the Jim Rose Circus which features bizarre masochistic side shows, got his start ten years ago as a street performer at the Edmonton Fringe Festival.

When performing his contortions, Matt who goes by the names, “Fat Man,” Power Man” and “Big Matt,” likes to slip into a woman’s gold spandex two-piece that he purchased from a trendy store which is often labeled “one size fits all.”

Matt says he loves his day job, adding “obesity! It’s working for me,” he joked.

‘You go to work every day sitting at a desk,’ he told the Journal reporter. ‘It’s not for me. I mean, some people, they just want to get out there and climb a  mountain…I’m not going to climb a mountain. Comedy is my mountain. Contortion is my mountain.’

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