Mel Gibson’s Former Girlfriend Claims: I Thought Mel Would Kill Me


You know, I always liked Mel Gibson. Loved his movies and even considered him an all-American actor, even when he was playing a Scottish warrior in Braveheart. However, he’s starting to freak me out.

In addition to his collection of DUIs and angry racial slurs, his former Russian musician girlfriend, who is also the mother of his new baby daughter Lucia, is speaking out. Oksana Grigorieva claims that Gibson was extremely abusive during their relationship; even hit her at one point while she was holding their baby. “I thought he would kill me,” she said. Now Gibson’s camp has announced that he didn’t hit her, but intervened when she was shaking the baby. Although it looks like a classic tit-for-tat, with the truth somewhere in the middle, the dirt on our favorite action-hero keeps getting worse and worse.

Most of us have heard the taped phone calls he made to her (I lost count on how many times he lovingly called her bitch), have seen pictures of her bruises and have witnessed signs of his chaotic behavior; like when he accidentally drove into a Malibu hillside a few weeks ago. What happened Mel? You were a sex-symbol, a Hollywood icon, an Oscar-winner and role model. Now you’re acting crazy, talking suicide and waving guns at your women.

Gibson says that Oksana is trying to extort him, which is why she taped their conversations in the first place and then had them suddenly ‘surface.’ Yes she denies it, but you always wonder how these secretive tapes all the sudden get “lost” and make their way to the mass media (think Paris’ sex-tape, the Baldwin phone rant, or Christian Bale going ballistic). Perhaps she has a hidden agenda and wants to get into the limelight. Why else would she agree to do an interview with Oprah that was only cancelled because of a court-issued gag order? I’m sure she wasn’t going to talk about her music. Either way, it’s pretty clear that Mel has been slowly sliding south the last few years and it looks like his descent is getting worse. Get it together Mel, we want you back.

Written by K. Politis

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