Mel Gibsons New Movie: The Beaver


Mel Gibson’s personal life may be in shambles right now but his professional life seems to be looking up.  After being tossed from his cameo role in The Hangover 2, Gibson now has a new movie coming out in spring 2011.  According to pictures released today by Splash News, the film, The Beaver, is kinda a reflection of Mel’s own life at the present.

The Beaver is directed by long time friend Jodie Foster, who also plays Gibson’s wife.   The story line of the movie goes:  A divorced and depressed father Walter has all but given up, until he finds a beaver hand-puppet in a dumpster. He gives the puppet a British accent and a rambunctious personality.  Walter becomes attached to the puppet and uses it to reconnect with his wife,  find new success at work, and win back the respect of his children.

I must start by saying I am a huge Mel Gibson fan, and I wasn’t even mad at him when he started all his crazy rantings, after all he is only human.  I have loved everything  hes ever done but I honestly thought this was a joke when I first caught wind of it.  The name of the movie is ridiculous  enough, The Beaver, it sounds like a bad porn film.  Who wrote this film anyways, a grown man walking all day with his hand inside a stuffed beaver.  C’mon, did nobody in Hollywood stop and say, “Maybe, we should change the beaver to a dog or a even a chipmunk, because this is after all a family movie.”  Not that all people will even get it, my mind on the other hand stays in the gutter.

I doubt I will ever see this movie unless my daughter drags me to the theater which she so often does.  I think it may do well but then again it is about a man and his favorite beaver, so we will just have to wait and see.

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